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  • 介绍卡通人物英语作文
    发布时间:2020-09-27 16:51




    Do you want to know who my favorite cartoon characters are? Tell you, I like Sun Wukong.

    His hair is yellow, with a pair of piercing eye, pointy ears, tall. He was wearing a tiger skin skirt, holding a stick, his courage is very interesting.

    Once, Sun Wukong and three demons hit the three hole, and Sun Wukong was accidentally eaten into the stomach by the boss, and Sun Wukong was not afraid at all. He became a crab caught in the old man's intestines, and the old man thought he was hungry, and he took a bucket of salt water and said, "monkey head, I don't drown you." After a big mouth, he drank in. Sun Wukong turned into a shell and swam inside. The old man could not bear the pain. He fell off his chair and said, "Grandpa, come out." Sun Wukong turned into a mosquito and flew into his nose and said, "if you sneeze, I can come out." The old man sneezed, and Sun Wukong came out, and he beat three beats.

    How brave and interesting Sun Wukong is! I like Sun Wukong very much.


    Do you know who my favorite cartoon character is? You can't laugh at me when you say it. I like to tell you, I like the hero of the "the eight rings of the pig in the sky" - the eight ring of the pig

    Long pig fat, silly, always confused, but can also do youmoyouyang

    The eight ring treats the others as their good friends and treats them sincerely. He is happy to help people and good people. I like him, and there's an important reason - he has a good heart and a sense of justice.

    On the one hand, when the eight quit eating in the restaurant is eating with interest, it is being robbed by a robber. The eight quit wrestled with the gangsters fiercely, rescuing the owners and customers, returning all the treasure to everyone, and became a respected hero in the town.

    Although the pig's eight ring is long ugliness, his mind is not ugly or kind and pure. He does not compare his own strengths to the weaknesses of others. His behavior is often will affect others, to your enemy, bad as his friend

    The devil to eight kind of challenge, the pig does not want to fight with him, he will beat the pig as it cannot be helped, and also from the hands of death to the bull rescued, put him a way out. The eight ring has become a hero, and look at his foolish and foolish way

    Pig friendly, small voice spoke, "pig" is often silly stupid ah, not only to overcome the difficulties, through the difficulties, and each can safely change danger into safety.

    Each episode of the animated cartoon, the pig eight ring brought me a laugh.

    高中读后感800字 the and 寓言故事读后感 高老头读后感 红色经典读后感

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