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  • Borrow Trouble
    发布时间:2020-09-26 12:20
    In the State of Qi, there was a man who was haunted by the fear that the sky might fall. 一个杞国人范文,每天都担心天会掉下来励志故事大全, He was so worried that he could neither eat nor sleep well. 为此焦虑的吃不好睡不好。 His friend said to him: The sky is gathered by gas. We are living in the air. It is impossible to fall.”他的朋友开导他说:天是由气聚集而成的,我活在空气中。 天是不可能掉下来的。 ” After hearing this, the man set his hear at ease instantly. His friend was also delightful. 杞国人听后,顿感放心。 他的朋友见状也如释重负,开心异常。 难点点拨 1. haunt:缠绕励志故事大全,萦绕在心头 2. neither...nor...:既不......也不...... 3. gather:聚集 4. impossible:不可能的 5. set one’s heart at ease:放心 6. instantly:立即地励志故事大全,马上地 7. delightful:开心的,愉快的 你能猜到这是哪个成语故事吗? 欢迎在评论区留言哦! 标签:小学英语 每日晨读 成语故事 音频录制:summer老师
    小兔子乖乖故事 讲小红帽的故事 励志故事大全
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